Homemade Christmas Ornaments


What you need:








Different colored paint (I used primary colors so that when they mixed they wouldn’t look like poop. Next time I’ll use white, green and red for a more festive ornament), Clear glass/plastic balls (I bought glossy balls but next time I’ll stick with the clear because the glare detracts from the colors), and an egg carton for drying.









Oh yeah, and you’ll also need some eager helpers.

It’s a really simple project. Just take the top off the balls. Squirt in a bunch of different colored paint and then put the top back on. Give the balls to the kids and let them shake, shake, shake until all the interior area has been painted over.

























The balls need to sit upside down over night to dry but you’ll have to check the egg tray and make sure there is still room for the wet paint to drip out. When it’s dry, put the top on and hang it on the tree! They’d make cute Christmas gifts from the kiddos especially if they were holiday colors. Maybe a cute keepsake for Grandma.


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