Sugar Cookie Overhaul


I’ve done it, folks! I’ve finally found the sugar cookie to top all sugar cookies (in my opinion that is.) I realize that what people want from their sugar cookie varies. Some like it crisp on the outside and soft on the inside while others like it soft all the way through. Some like lemon flavorings while others prefer a buttery taste. I just want a cookie that I can’t keep my hands off of and that is certainly what I got… along with some larger love handles. But that’s my problem, not yours!

Sweetapolita has an amazing sweets blog and I found her sugar cookie recipe to be superior to numerous others I’ve tried recently plus she has a great cookie making tutorial ( The cookie is crisp on the outside, soft in the middle and has a light buttery aftertaste. Even royal icing can’t screw up the delicious flavor of these cookies.

So what did I need to find the perfect sugar cookie recipe for… ?









Baret’s HMX-1 helicopter cookies, of course. You can’t send the Marines shitty sugar cookies!

They were a pain in the butt to do since I haven’t worked with royal icing in a while so the decorating turned out just okay. I’m hoping the cookie itself will make up for discrepancies in detail.









I used edible glitter for the propeller which gave it some holiday flair though that’s not what I was going for in the beginning. I’m not sure how into flair Marines are… I’m guessing not very. Either way, the cookies are in the mail and out of my hands and after two days my kitchen is finally clean.

On to my next project… I wonder what that should be…


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  1. Want that new sugar cookie recipe. I love mine but want to taste yours. Save or freeze one for me sometime when you make them. Grandpa’s suck but don’t tell him that.

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