What I’ve learned this Thanksgiving week…


1)   If you have toddlers you must plan on a late night McDonald’s run on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner because they didn’t eat much… Momma on the other hand ate enough for the entire family. And no, it’s not okay because I’m pregnant! Though I appreciate the attempt to make me feel less pig-ish. You’re sweet.

2)   3 1/2 year-olds are wise beyond their years. For instance, I was talking with Lilly in the car on Thanksgiving about working and how some some mommies have to work just like Daddy so that their families can have waffles too. (Our world centers around chocolate chip Eggo waffles. Doesn’t yours?) Any ways, I told her my work was taking care of her and her brother all day, every day although it’s fun work. To this she responded, “I’m not fun work, I’m hard work!” Oh sweet girl, you don’t know how true the later part of that statement is.

3)  If you make a batch of amazing cinnamon rolls you’d better be prepared to eat all the leftovers because it would be blasphemous to throw them away. *Note: be prepared to notice a little extra jiggling around the buttox region. Just sayin…








Here’s the link for them. They’d make a great addition to Christmas breakfast and are made the night before!


4)  When you make cookie-pops make sure you bake the stick onto the bottom of the cookie (the part touching the pan) and use parchment paper. Then package them up and give them to all the little people in your life. They’ll love ’em.








5)  Buy more celery around the holidays and keep it handy to snack on.

6)  Disney Princess Memory is just as much fun for big kids as it is for little kids.









7)  Christmas tree shopping in the rain is just as much fun as Christmas tree shopping in the sun but wearing boots instead of tennis shoes is advisable. I speak from experience, people.








8)  Put your kids to sleep in Grandma’s bed with her and they’ll sleep all night. When your mom mentions she’s off every other Saturday consider that an offer to watch your kids. Drop and run!

9)  Toddlers LOVE Black Friday shopping when it includes White Cheddar Cheese Balls. Daddy enjoys Black Friday shopping when he gets a new toy. Momma enjoys Black Friday shopping when it includes fudge. Everyone wins!










I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. We sure did!

Now for a day of cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and football. Woo hoo! Go Bears!


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