Practicing for baby












I’m so jealous of kids’ freedom to pass out whenever they need to, even if they are half-finished eating a cheeseburger. Thanks for the leftovers O.

Since Lilly brought home the first round of colds 4 weeks ago my wee ones have been giving me a taste of what it’s like to have an infant during the night. For 4 straight weeks I have been getting up 1-5 times a night, bouncing between beds and re-snuggling them to sleep. Cullen has been helping but I’m exhausted! I’m really feeling the strains of not being able to drink wine and coffee and herbal teas to the extent that my body desires them. On the up side to this, Odin made the switch to a big boy bed last week so now we can just climb into his bed with him until he falls back asleep (I’m sure this routine is part of the problem.) I’ve been using sugar to get me through the days. This week we baked  mint chocolate chip cookies, apple-carrot cupcakes and an angle food cake with chocolate frosting. Mmmmm. The apple-carrot cupcakes are ridiculously delicious and instead of sharing the love with neighbors and friends I’m hoarding them in the fridge and eating them for breakfast and dessert like the fat kid that I am. Here’s a link for ’em. They’d make a great addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table and they’re easy to make.

Well, gotta go get the troops ready. I’m dropping them off and going to see Breaking Dawn. I hope I can stay awake in a dark theater!!!













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