“Hey! Little boy…”


Who gave you permission to grow up? I know it certainly was not me. Good thing there’s a new baby in the works.

Do you see that child on the left? Do you notice anything different about him? Well, I’ll tell you. That love-bug now sleeps in a big boy bed. He pretty much decided things for himself yesterday as he climbed out of his crib screaming. Hell yeah on an easy transition but waahhhh, he’s really growing up! (Yes, people, I know kids do these things but he’s still my little boy darn it all!)

If it were Lilly we were talking about we wouldn’t be having this heart to heart for another 2 months and it would be because baby Odin needed the crib and she needed to get the heck out. I would be cursing the heavens while holding the door shut for 45 minutes and telling the little lady that she did in fact have to go lay down and go to sleep.Ugh, just thinking of that time in our lives makes me want to open a bottle of wine! (Another big Waahhhhh because I can’t.)

But it’s Odin we’re talking about, not Lilly. Sweet, lover-of-sleep Odin who goes right down after a little snuggle from daddy. Naps may be a different story but hey, I never said the kid was a saint!

Oh, and just for the record, after a few minutes of serious deliberation today Lilly decided on the names of the stuffed animals pictured above. The one on the left, well that’s Lion. And the one on the right is Panda. Not because that’s what kind of animals they are but because that’s just their names. Got it? Any confusion? The only thing that confused me was why it took her so long to come up with such obvious names. But hey, at least I won’t forget.


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