Today I had a bake-a-thon with a buddy and her cousin. We made a chocolate cheesecake with an Oreo crust, spiced chai sugar cookies, Peanut butter blossoms (you know, the peanut butter cookie with the Hershey Kiss) and another version of them using Almond butter and lastly banana cupcakes with honey-cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I think that covers it. I’m using the term ‘we’ very loosely because really I just made the spiced chai sugar cookies and then wrangled the little hooligans while the other ladies baked the rest. But I did sample a lot!


My pics are pretty poor but the ones on the left are the banana cupcakes and the ones on the right are obviously the peanut butter blossoms. I didn’t get a pic of the cheesecake or a chance to taste it. That will happen tomorrow.


These are the spiced chai sugar cookies. Turkeys and chicks. Like my icing work? It got a little ‘loose’ at the end if ya catch my drift. Har har.











And thank goodness we had a very willing taste-tester at our disposal! As you can see, there was some pretty intense cookie eating going on. No wonder he wouldn’t nap…






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