“Mama, back off!”…whose craft is it, really?


Okay, so this wasn’t really said to me by Lil but it could’ve been. It certainly sounds like something she’d say to me. In actuality, this is something I said to myself quite a few times the other day. What am I talking about? Crafting. As a parent, I’ve found it really difficult at times to sit back and let the kids take over a project. That really is the point of the craft after all, isn’t it? To let the kids’ imagination and skills work themselves out using the medium you provide.

Knowing all this full well, I still failed. I couldn’t help myself but suggest that a feather would look really great over on the other side of the turkey or the brown paint would look better on the paper plate rather than the table. I really should have made one myself as an example for Lilly to base her turkey off of and then exited the room as she crafted her own. Until we were finished she had no idea what the end product was suppose to look like which is is probably why I helped out so much.

There, now I’ve given my intrusive craft behavior an excuse and feel much better about myself. I’m glad we had this talk.

Even with my help it’s still a pretty goofy looking turkey.



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