Preschool social drama


About two weeks ago Lilly got in the car after preschool all flustered and unloaded her preschool drama on me. This was out of the norm for her because usually she doesn’t tell me squat about the goings on of her classroom. For months now we’ve asked her if she’s made any friends and if so, what their names are. Other people ask Lil the same question. Finally she had an answer for everyone, “Hilda is my friend.” We all cheered. “Hooray, Lilly has a friend. She’s not going to go through life as the loner girl who doesn’t associate with others.”

So on this day, Lil got in the car and immediately explained how she got in an argument with her little friend, Hilda, about how many dogs Lilly has. Lilly said she has 2. Hilda said Lilly only has 1. They argued this point until Hilda told Lilly she didn’t want to be friends anymore which was just fine with Lil. What really went down, who knows. I’m sure there was a misunderstanding in the dialogue and Hilda was telling Lilly she had 1 dog herself at home.  Either way, Lilly has labeled Hilda as a “bad” friend and no longer associates with her at school. I tried to be all motherly and give her advice about second chances and misunderstandings but despite my efforts Hilda is still black listed.

Then last week as I was dropping Lil off she exclaimed from the back seat, “Oh! Dat’s my friend Wanda. She’s a good friend” I was happy to hear that Lil had found a new friend in her class and I could stop insisting she patch things with Hilda. Upon picking Lilly up, just 2 1/2 short hours later, she explained to me that Betty helped her with her zipper in class and now Betty is her friend, not Wanda. Poor Wanda. I bet she never saw it coming. Friends one minutes and then totally one-upped the next by another chick.

Of course, I quickly explained to Lilly that it’s okay to have many different friends in her class because there are a lot of nice kids that she goes to school with. The answer I received made me roll my eyes in defeat… again, “I only want one friend, mom.” Well girl, then one friend you shall have, I hope. I fear this is just a preview of what’s to come down the road. The thought of middle school and puberty sends shivers down my spine. Girls…drama drama drama. I hope this next one comes out boy!

*names were changed to protect identities


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