This must be a trick…


…because your attitude isn’t a treat!

As you’re all aware, yesterday was Halloween. For over a week I had been asked daily, “Is Halloween the next day?” Finally I was able to say, “Yes my beautiful princess, Halloween is tomorrow. Now go to sleep so we can have tons of fun!” Let’s be honest, it seemed like mandatory fun a lot of the day. Lil screamed and cried as she got out of the car for preschool. She copped a ‘tude during pumpkin pancake brunch with the Dougherty grandparents and Grammy. Was reluctant to dress up as a princess even though that’s what she wanted to be. As it turns out, when you’re a princess you can dress however you damn well please. And forget about wearing any stinking tiara.

That is of course until daddy threatens to leave you home while the rest of us go trick-or-treating unless you stand there in your outfit and smile for your mother, dang it all!

Now doesn’t she make a beautiful princess? And for the record, she is Sleeping Beauty because that’s the princess that wears her hair down. “No! I don’t want it up!” “No Grandma Maggie you may not brush the knots out!” -sigh! I think she’s a monster in a princess disguise.

This kid, well he’s a monster of a different sort. Actually, he was a shark. A roaring, chomping shark who loves candy. Much more cooperative than his big sister. All I had to saywas, “If you want candy, you need to put your shark costume on.” He’d run into my lap and I’d put the thing on. So much easier than the 3 1/2 year old.

They make a pretty cute pair though, attitudes aside. We really did have a lot of fun running away from our shark boy, dressing up and collecting tons of candy from our neighbors.

Halloween is a day that I’m reminded of how lucky we are to live in such a great neighborhood. I mean, just look at this loot! But really, it’s fun to see the neighbor kids all dressed up, go knocking on our friends’ doors and show off our costumes and deal with the emotional ups and downs of toddlers on a sugar high.

A few extra pics: putting Kelly’s old prom dress to good use, Grandma Anke as LuLu escorting Lilly, and Riding in style


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