Busy being sick


Well, the week came and went again and I didn’t get on the computer at all so here’s another recap. For the record, I don’t understand how people blog every day. I intend to post stuff more often but simply can’t find the time. Or maybe I just value my sleep too much to spend the extra time at night to post although I swear I didn’t get much sleep this week at all anyways! Whatever.

So here’s what went down.

We went to a wedding for one of Cullen’s oldest friends. It was wonderful. There were good feelings flying around the room and the little flower girls and ring bearer had sneakers on that lit up. I was jealous. Heals vs. light up sneakers… it’s a no brainer!

We had ice cream with the kids. Or rather, the ice cream consumed our kids. Lilly was a hot mess by the end but loved every melted lick. We ditched the sticky kids with my mom and cousin for a second night and headed to Chicago to spend an awesome evening eating and celebrating with friends.

The next day we made Halloween sugar cookies with a few fun neighbor friends while watching the Bears Game. Lauren has been asking to bake with me for ever and we finally did. It’s so fun to see the creativity of older kids come through onto their cookies! We’ll be doing this again soon.

Then begins the week of sick days. Lil stayed home almost the whole week and we crafted. A lot.

We made jack-o-lantern clementines:

We made stained glass and a window valence made from a pillow case for the basement:

We made glittery googly-eyed pumpkins while Odin napped:

We created things in the kitchen too. Bacon wrapped chicken thighs over potatoes and onions:

Pumpkin cupcakes with rum and maple and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. They are amazing just like the Better-than-sex cupcakes from cupcakeproject.com a month ago:

Here’s the link to best fall sweet yet! http://www.cupcakeproject.com/2008/11/pumpkin-cupcakes-with-rum-and-maple.html

Then we had a play date since Lil was feeling better. We made spiders out of hand prints and ghosts out of foot prints.

Afterwards we made pumpkin lasagna and had friends over for dinner. The pumpkin was mixed in with the ricotta. I used a whole can but really couldn’t taste the pumpkin. My taste buds may have been in pumpkin overload at the time due to pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin cupcakes all made in a 24 hour period. I’ll make a new post with the lasagna recipe soon.

Then we had another Halloween sugar cookie play date but this time with the little buggers from our play group.

Yesterday we had a Fun Fest at Lilly’s school and I worked the Boo Buckets. No pictures because I went from hunting in the morning to cleaning my room then got in a quick shower and sped to the school. Essentially I was too scatter-brained to remember my camera. The Fun Fest was fun but I pulled a muscle in my back and my butt. Seriously people, volunteering at school functions is hazardous to your health. Be ware and be careful! I should have stretched before hand. Simply put, I was unprepared for the physical demands of Boo Buckets. Chasing after rolling pumpkins for an hour is demanding work. Also, I must comment on the fact that I had to repeatedly explain how to play the game. That’s when I realized these kids have no idea who Bozo is which made me a little sad.

Okay, I’m worn out from posting all this and have caught Lilly’s cold. I hope you were entertained by the pics and maybe got a few ideas for projects of your own.

Happy Halloween to you all! I promise it won’t take a week to get our Halloween antics posted!



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