Whirlwind Week

Whirlwind Week

Um, it’s Friday.  But I bet you already knew that.  I just have one question though.  How the hell did we get from Sunday to Friday so fast? Oh wait, let me show you just a sampling of what we did.


Making Ghosts out of footprints

Baking a 6 cheese lasagna with Grandpa Frank and Grammy using unusually long noodles.


Well… there should be some pictures from our trip to Chicago on Monday inserted here but I didn’t take any. It might be because Lilly was being a very challenging 3 year old at our friend’s house or it might be because Odin was cranky since he thought 5:30am was an appropriate time to wake up. Either way there are no pictures and there is no way I’m bringing my children to Chicago again any time soon.


Chilling in Grandma’s Car on our way to the Pound to find a dog for her. She’s still in the market so I’m sure we’ll be going back soon. The kids loved looking at the cats.


Being hams after preschool.

Afternoon at Tom’s Farm Market Fall Fest


Lindsay and Erik came to visit from Florida!!! They lived with us for a while in Chicago and as soon as I win the lottery I’m buying a commune and making them live there with us. I love them. They just left after a quick 24 hour visit and I already miss them terribly. Anyways, Halloween cookie fun ensued.

Once the kids went to sleep and our sugar comas wore off we ate ABTs and butternut squash for dinner. FYI: ABT stands for Automic Buffalo Turd. Don’t ask, I don’t know. What I do know is that you take half and jalapeno, fill with cream cheese, sit a small piece of meat on top (we used dove breasts), wrap in a strip of bacon, season, grill slowly for 45 minutes and then try to wait for the molten lava cream cheese to cool off enough to devour these suckers. I burned myself. It was worth it.

It’s Friday. I’m sitting at my computer all alone with a belly full of pumpkin pancakes because Cullen decided he would take the kids on Lilly’s school field trip to the apple orchard. My minutes are numbered since they are on their way home now. I know this because Cullen called and said, “From now on, you can do this stuff.” Bah Haaa! Win for me.

Well, I guess there you have it. That’s a typical week for us. Of course there were also doctors appointments, chiropractor appointments, grocery shopping and preschool which helped round out the days.

I guess I feel better knowing we packed a lot of fun into the week even if I need this blog and pictures to help me remember what is was we did.


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