Cast liberation day


We took Odin on Thursday to get his cast removed. We were all excited about it. I was excited to be done with bagging his leg before showers, getting kicked in the crotch and carrying/strolling him everywhere when we went outside. I was also thrilled with the notion that I would no longer have to stretch his pant leg to get it over the cast and the kids could resume taking bathes. Odin’s stink factor was getting out of hand.

This was day one. The cast was novel, fun even.

This was day twenty-one. The cast had became part of Odin. For the last two weeks the kid was walking, running, jumping and climbing as if it wasn’t even there.  Through it all though, his big sister was right there with him. She was kind, loving and supportive. She started calling him Buddy in a very tender way. “Oh Buddy, does it hurt?” “Here Buddy, let me help you.” “Yeah! That’s your cast, Buddy.” I was so proud of her and the way she was watching out for her little brother.  That’s why I wasn’t surprised that while O was lying on the table getting the cast cut off she was wedged herself right between me and the table and told him what a good job he was doing while stroking his hair and holding his hand. *sigh!*

This right here, this love between siblings, is what makes me want to have a hoard of children so that no matter what life throws at them they will always have the support of their brothers and sisters to get them through.

Now I need to go and cry a little. I want my brother and sister. Wahhh!



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  1. So cute!! I’m note sure we were ever that adorable… stealing his teddy bear and making Brenden cry stick out in my memory more than stroking eachother’s hair and muttering any terms of endearment. But I miss you!!!

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