A chocolate lover’s ecstacy


“These are scrumptious!” – Cullen.

Ba Hah! Nice word choice hun. But really, I couldn’t agree more. I ate one cupcake worth of batter before baking, one as soon as it came out of the oven and another in celebration of my dad’s birthday after lunch. Woof!

Cupcake Project’s Better Than Sex Cupcake has been on my baking bucket list since I found the recipe at the beginning of the summer. It has five different chocolate components to it that combine to make a chocolate party in your mouth. You can check out the original recipe and blog here :


It was my dad’s birthday today so I whipped up these babies this morning while Lilly was at preschool. The five components of the cake include the amazingly moist chocolate cake, mini semi-sweet chocolate pieces in the cake, a chocolate mousse filling (I omitted this component due to time and ingredient constraints), a chocolate ganache frosting and a white chocolate drizzle.

I was NOT disappointed by the outcome and neither was any one else except maybe the birthday boy himself since he can’t taste food. Really, dad eats but can’t taste anything because the radiation and chemo took out his sense of taste. The man has had a rocky couple of years but just kicked his throat cancer in the ass, just in time for his birthday! Woo hoo!!!

I sort of feel like a jerk for making something so delicious for his birthday and he couldn’t even enjoy it. I’ll make them again for him when his taste returns.


Lilly and Odin were happy to enjoy the cupcakes for Grandpa’s birthday though!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  You deserve this next year to be as good as these cupcakes were to eat. That’s sayin’ something!

Make these cupcakes for a chocolate lover in your life.



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  1. I didn’t know you had a blog!! They look delicious and I’m super bummed not to be home for these. I’m sure they’d taste just as good in the mail or FedEx’ed 😉 Love you!

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