Death to the Fruit Flies


These tiny winged creatures are the bane of my existence. We had a phenomenal harvest this year with our first garden. We had snap peas, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, peppers, jalapenos, broccoli, cilantro, basil, cucumber and loads of tomatoes. As we harvested our bounty and brought it in the house to sit on the counter (and sometimes rot because really, I can only eat so many damn vegetables without the help of my family) we soon found ourselves coexisting with hoards of fruit flies. Yuck! My kitchen has been a fruit fly’s Mecca for at least 2 months now and to be honest I sort of got use to the tiny buggers, although I certainly still dislike them. The solution to my problem came to me from the lips of a large yeti we call John. Yesterday he informed me that he had a similar pest problem and a simple ramekin filled with cider vinegar and a small drop of soap swirled into it would soon leave me the sole inhabitant of my kitchen once more. As of this morning I can happily attest to the success of this method as I swirl twenty or so dead fruit flies around in the small dish. Thanks Yeti John!

Happy in the kitchen once more,



***A few pictures to add:

The specks are the flies


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