I married a fat kid.


Of course, I’m a fat kid at heart too so being married to one is just grand. Our freezer currently contains Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ice cream bars (thank you Grandma Maggie), a gallon of rainbow sherbet, Deans’ Cookies and Cream and Edy’s Caramel Delight ice cream. Now would be an appropriate time to be slightly embarrassed but since that doesn’t happen to me too often we’re good.  On top of all that there is an angle food cake cooling on my counter. Be jealous! Give me an hour and that baby will be smothered in chocolate frosting and on its way to being consumed. Mind you, this is our second angle food cake since Saturday. The first was only in existence for a few short hours before being completely devoured and both were instigated by my beloved. He sure does love his angle food cake with chocolate frosting and he’s damn good at making them from scratch. It’s nice not being the only capable one in the kitchen, even if it is one of the only things he makes.


9/24/11 update

All that remains of the cake is the frosting smudges on the kid’s faces! We were eating it for 2 days and it was the best one we’ve ever made We’re already eager to make another.



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  1. Eat, drink, and be merry Leen. That’s what it is all about. Once in awhile, exercise just to make sure you’re still alive and can feel that heart beating. Love the pics of the kiddies. I had the BEST apple pie from Tom’s on Rt. 62. Just thought I’d pass that along. See ya later baby making machine.

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