Indulging in sweets


I figured I could throw up some pics of my recent baking. Currently the thought of a cupcake makes me want to barf but I’m trying to get over that. Just some bad associations with early pregnancy…


Here is a pic of Kelly’s graduation cake. It had 8 layers. The recipe was from Cooksillustrated and featured a yellow cake with chocolate ganache frosting. It was damn good despite it looking a little goofy but I’m more about taste than looks as you’ll soon find out!

Next up, salted caramel cup cakes. Despite some massive issues making all three components of the cupcake (cake, buttercream and caramel) it came together after a night in the refrigerator.

A little back story is necessary for this next cake. My grandparents use to own the bakery on the square in Woodstock before they sold it to Swiss Made. I grew up eating delicious desserts and a family favorite is the marzipan covered cakes. Before going back to Germany in June I spent some time in the kitchen with my gramps and walked away with some of his recipes. I got to do the honors for Father’s Day. It’s a yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling and a nutella-buttercream covered in Marzipan. YUM!

The next batch of cupcakes were so delicious so it stands to reason that I have no idea where I found the recipe. It was just a standard chocolate cupcake with a very light swiss buttercream frosting. I really need to do a better job of documenting my baking sources so I repeat in the future. The picture features my good friend Amy and her darling girl, Lila and of course the cupcake.

Forgetting cake for a minute, I have to throw up a pic of some summertime sugar cookies. When I make these little suckers they don’t last long. The icing is delicious but almost impossible to stack and transport because of its butter and powdered sugar base.

I’m pretty proud of the way this next one turned out. It was a last minute cake for Pierce’s good bye dinner. I piped the logo in white chocolate bark and then just dyed some frosting and garnished with chocolate chips.

This goofy number was for Amy’s 25th birthday. It was late and I ran out of frosting. That’s my excuse for the appearance. Lila didn’t seem to mind though and everyone said it tasted just like a sugar cookie. It was white cake with my sugar cookie frosting so it’s no wonder it tasted like a cookie. I don’t think I’d repeat that combo though.

August saw a flurry of baking, all for the same day. I had my first tiered wedding cake to make on top of 24 rootbeer cupcakes for Robby and Kathryn’s BBQ and I threw in a dozen devil’s food cupcakes for Sobacki’s neighbor’s birthday and some for the new mamas in my life. There were a few mishaps but I’m just an amateur people!

Phew! So that highlights my baking shenanigans throughout the summer.  Feels good to get it all in one place. There has also been a few strawberry rhubarb pies and apple crisps that have been stellar. I’m sure this blog will be showcasing a lot of apple related treats in the near future. I have a small obsession with all things Fall.


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